East StratCom disinformation claim:

Czech TV and Radio are not independent or credible. They are propagandist and manipulative. Moreover, support of traditional (i.e. state owned) media is low in the Czech Republic.

Documentation for claim

Period/date: 1. October 2016

Debunk claim:

No evidence for the accusations given. // According to a research paper published by the think-tank European Values, approximately 27% of respondents strongly prefer traditional media, nearly 32% of respondents would rather give priority to the traditional media. http://www.evropskehodnoty.cz/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Dopady-dezinforma%C4%8Dn%C3%ADch-operac%C3%AD-v-%C4%8Cesk%C3%A9-republice.pdf

Documentation for the debunk

Additional information

This information is reported by Kremlin Watch (European Values think-tank), http:, wwweuropeanvalues net/kremlinwatch/ in Disinformation Review issue 42. The item is located at row number 41 in the report.

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