East StratCom disinformation claim:

EU plans are not different from those of the nazis // EU wants to force racism on its population by mixing the nationalities violently // The US wants to start a nuclear war with Russia in Ukraine

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Period/date: 9. September 2016

Debunk claim:

Recycling already many times debunked myths. Martin Koller, author of all the notorious pro-Kremlin disinformation claims, has been identified as an active informer of the former communist secret police in Czechoslovakia (StB) who believes that the MH17 was not shot down by Russia-backed separatists: http://echo24.cz/a/wtUvk/kdo-nam-vysvetluje-situaci-v-rusku-aktivni-udavac-stb

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This information is reported by European Values think-tank in Disinformation Review issue 40. The item is located at row number 19 in the report.

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