East StratCom disinformation claim:

Nobody in the Czech Republic witnesses any form of so-called Russian propaganda”. The Centre Against Terrorism and Hybrid Threats is an institute which is going to identify only “one truth”.

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Period/date: 24. January 2017

Debunk claim:

The Czech security services as well as a recent Czech security review conclude that disinformation campaigns are threat a to Czech national security. The Centre will not react exclusively to pro-Kremlin disinformation content, they will be assessing every disinformation campaign regardless of its origin or character. Also, the Centre will be issuing statements and commentaries to the media, whether a citizen will or will not take the CTHT position into account is solely up to each individual. The Centre can, at most, pass information to law enforcement agencies if they suspect a crime occured (a right that every citizen and institution in Czech Republic has), the investigation and decision is then solely up to law enforcement agencies and then judical power: http://www.mvcr.cz/cthh/clanek/centre-against-terrorism-and-hybrid-threats.aspx

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This information is reported by Kremlin Watch (European Values think-tank), http:, wwweuropeanvalues net/kremlinwatch/ in Disinformation Review issue 56. The item is located at row number 16 in the report.

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