East StratCom disinformation claim:

Sweden tells municipalities to prepare for war and 150 troops were put on permanent service on the island of Gotland, not far from Russian territory.

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Period/date: 14. December 2016

Debunk claim:

Although it is true that a Swedish state agency has informed the municipalities about their responsibilities in rebuilding the civil defence in Sweden, this is aimed at increasing the ability of the society to deal with destabilization in the form of antagonistic actions in peacetime (such as political, psychological, economic and military influence operations), to increase the ability to identify and counter intelligence operations, cyber attacks and information operations against the country, as well as increase the ability to resist an armed attack on Sweden from qualified opponents https://www.msb.se/sv/Insats–beredskap/Civilt-forsvar/Civilt-forsvar–aktuell-inriktning/. Furthermore, Gotland is part of Sweden’s sovereign territory and has had military precence since 1645 as it is of strategic geographical importance. As Russia and Sweden are neighboring countries, naturally it is not far from Russian territory.

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This information is reported by Official from an EU country in Disinformation Review issue 52. The item is located at row number 28 in the report.

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