East StratCom disinformation claim:

The EU is losing interest in Moldova and Moldova should therefore turn towards the Eurasian Union.

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Period/date: 5. January 2017

Debunk claim:

No evidence given. The EU’s imports from Moldova increased by 5% from €1.16 billion to €1.22 billion in 2015. The European Union is Moldova’s biggest trade partner. Around 62% of its exports are sent to the EU, followed by Russia (12%). The Association Agreement between the European Union and the Republic of Moldova was signed in June 2014 and has only been in full effect since July 2016.http://ec.europa.eu/trade/policy/countries-and-regions/countries/moldova/

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This information is reported by East Stratcom Network in Disinformation Review issue 53. The item is located at row number 22 in the report.

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