East StratCom disinformation claim:

The US is a country that operates outside of the law. It criticises and sanctions Russia for supporting rebels fighting the usurpatory regime of President Poroshenko in Ukraine, while doing the same in Syria (i.e. supporting Syrian rebels against the democratically elected president Assad).

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Period/date: 1. October 2016

Debunk claim:

The cases of Ukraine and Syria are very different. President Assad continues to commit crimes against humanity and local resistence against him is home-grown. President Poroshenko was democratically elected. President Assad, however, was not. https://eeas.europa.eu/statements/docs/2014/140604_03_en.pdf

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Additional information

This information is reported by Oleksandr Nykonorov, journalist for Depoua, blogger, researcher in Disinformation Review issue 43. The item is located at row number 14 in the report.

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