East StratCom disinformation claim:

The war in Donbass is caused by the unwillingness of Kyiv to recognize the rights of ethnic minorities regarding their languages. Ukraine is not fulfilling EU norms on minority languages

Documentation for claim

Period/date: 30. November 2016

Debunk claim:

After the Revolution of Dignity, the provisional government of Ukraine maintained ethnic minorities’ rights to their native languages. Russian is widely spoken in Ukraine: http://bd.fom.ru/report/map/ukrain/ukrain_eo/du091015. In November 2016, a Council of Europe delegation was in Ukraine to evaluate the progress made in the monitoring of the protection of national minorities http://www.coe.int/en/web/minorities/-/ukraine-visit-of-the-advisory-committee-on-the-framework-convention-for-the-protection-of-national-minorities.

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